28th September 2018
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During 21 years the most successful and the biggest cable, satellite and broadband media exhibition of the region will take place again because the investment, renovation and modernization market has revived. Hereby a growing demand emerged to organize the ECEBE which is a quick, easily and expense-saving reachable Expo for everyone.

This program with the center Budapest is the most ideal location for the professional meeting of the decision-making experts of Hungary and the surrounding countries. It is ideal because it is reachable easily, quickly and cheap from all the surrounding countries with plane just as by car. It is ideal because both for the exhibitors just as well for the visitors the costs and supply prices at every level are with magnitudes lower as at the other European "related" programs.

It is ideal because not only CEOs are able to visit this Expo but those decision-making or the decisions strongly influencing experts for whom a West European program would be too far away or too expensive. The aimed market segment is: Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Beside this Expo which is in its sense as well as in its thematic renewed one of the most beautiful cities of Europe: Budapest guarantees as well with its numberless cultural and entertainment facilities that alongside the work the participation at this expo will be not only professionally useful but everyone can feel great even privately.

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