Exhibitor registration

As an exhibitor please register with the the registration form below.

You are kindly requested to send your applications for stand-space as soon as possible:

Deadline of applications: 06th September 2019.

1. Empty stand area

BudaExpo Ltd. lets out empty stand areas without construction according to the following prices:

  • Minimum of rent: 12 m2
  • 1.1. in case of an application until the 30th April 2019: 69 EUR/m2 + 27%VAT
  • 1.2. in case of an application until the 29th June 2019: 82 EUR/m2 + 27%VAT
  • 1.3. in case of an application until the 06th September 2019: 103 EUR/m2 + 27%VAT
  • 1.4. Applications received after application deadline will result in the limited availability of empty stand areas in size and place let out at a price of 140 EUR/m2 + 27% VAT. In this case standard stand constructions presented in section 2 are offered with an extra charge of 15%.

The prices include:

  • rental costs
  • end cleaning after the exhibition
  • daily cleaning

The prices do not include:

  • the standard stand, or other custom stand construction
  • the building out of the electricity mains connection, electricity consumption (global sum for the whole exhibition):
    • 0 - 2 kW 64,- EUR + VAT
    • 2 – 10 kW 113,- EUR + VAT
    • above 10 kW 210,- EUR + VAT

2. Exhibitor registration fee

All of the Exhibitors, how attend on ECEBE Expo 2019 is need to be pay the Exhibitor registration fee.

The price of the Exhibitor registration fee is 110 EUR + 27% VAT.

The Exhibitor registration fee contains the following:

  • 2 pcs parking permit on the opening days of the show (2019.09.23-24.)
  • Company presentation in the brochure of the event (in English and Hungarian).
  • The marketing materials of the visitors marketing campaign.
  • Appear once in the event's visitor newsletter (short company or product presentation).